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Frequently Asked Questions - Hosting & Domain.

Q    Why do I need a domain and hosting?

A    After you have developed a website, you would need to purchase a domain and a hosting package, in order for the domain to be visible on the internet.

Without a domain name and a hosting package, no one will be able to find your website at all! Hence a domain and a hosting package goes hand in hand in making your website live on the internet.

Q    What is a domain name?

A    A domain name helps people on the internet find your website easily. As such, your website requires a unique domain name to distinguish it from similar businesses.

Some examples of domain names are:

  1. website-design.co.nz
  2. avaraspa.com
  3. harvard.edu
  4. japantimes.co.jp
  5. wikipedia.org
  6. sourceforge.net
  7. wrapd.org.za

For instance, if your business deals with the importing of red apples, you could then register a domain name as, redapplesimports.co.za

Thus, you would then give the website address,
www.redapplesimports.co.za to your client, so that they can visit your website and gain more information about your business.

Here at, Website Design, we offer a range of domains to choose from. Contact us and we will be glad to assist you in choosing a suitable domain name for you.

Q    What is web hosting?

A    Once you have acquired a domain name, you would need a web hosting platform in order to host the website.

If you only purchased a domain name, your website would not be live on the internet. A hosting package must be attached to the domain name as well.

Hence, without the hosting package, you won't have a place for your website to reside, so your domain would then become like a disconnected phone number in the phone directory, and your website files would have nowhere to stay.

Your hosting package gives you:

  • Disk space for your website to reside
  • Email addresses on the domain, so that you can send emails to your clients using your domain name
  • A monthly allocation of bandwidth to and from your domain

As Linux has proven itself to be the most stable and secure operating systems for web hosting, all our hosting packages run on a Linux platform.

Our hosting packages on offer are more than enough to cater for your websites needs. Contact us and we will assist you in finding the hosting package most suitable for you.

Q    Why do I need to sign a quote?

A    In South Africa, the SA Consumer act requires that we prove that you requested and confirmed a service and the required document is a signed, completed quote and service agreement. The quote contains the terms and conditions for the services that you desire and ensures we have in writing given you information pertaining to your purchase.

Q    Why must the quote be sent back to you?

A    We need to keep a record of each service that belongs to our clients. Once again, this is required by Law.

Q    My website is not online / working? What has happened?

A    There are two frequent reasons for this:

  1. Your site has been hacked and taken down.
    This means that your website was compromised by a cybercriminal or program and it was taken offline to prevent more abuse. When a website is hacked, it is usually to enable spam mailing, phishing or the spread of viruses. In this case you can contact the support mailbox at support@website-design.co.nz
  2. Your service has expired, or you have an outstanding bill. In this case you can contact the project manager at wesley@website-design.co.nz

If the above reasons are not applicable, you can always contact support@website-design.co.nz

Q    Are you (Website-Design.co.nz) not responsible for the security of my site?

A    Services are hosting on our servers and our clients are given access to parts of our servers and codes. It is the clients responsibility to ensure the security of their property and content is secure by not sharing their passwords, and change their passwords from time to time as well as ensuring that the content and even the code of their property is updated and therefore at less risk to cybercrime. We use the very best hosting solutions in SA to ensure the chances of a security breach are reduced. Crime affects everyone and it is a joint effort.

Cybercrime is an international epidemic with over 30 000 sites hacked a day. There is however no guarantee a website will not be hacked. It is imperative that owners of websites take extra measures to maintain their websites security to reduce risk. There are several specialists you can find on google for this, but risk cannot be completely removed. Hence, you would need to ensure that the core files of your website framework like Wordpress / Joomla, etc. are updated at least twice a year as well as any plugins installed on the site.

Q    I paid the full amount for the domain renewal, but my site is still down. Why?

A    The most frequent reason is we are still waiting on your returned paperwork. We are not allowed by Law to publish content or offer services if we do not meet the conditions of SA Law or the SA Consumer act.

Q    Why must I fill in my id number or vat number on the quote?

A    This is a very good question. Besides it being a requirement by Law, the SA Consumer Act and the domain registrar, we want to ensure that we can safeguard the ownership of property to the correct person. Simply providing a name can leave a client vulnerable to loss of property or disputes if someone with a similar name or company tries to claim ownership of material or domains. Having an ID number helps us defend our clients. A VAT number is only required if a company is purchasing a service and wants to claim back VAT. Even if a company is purchasing a product, the domain registrant needs to put the property in a person’s name - and therefore the ID will also be required.

Q    I am not a south african citizen, but I want to make use of your services? What are my options?

A    We have many international Clients and all of our products are available. We may require a copy of a passport for certain services.

Q    What happens if I don’t renew my domain with you?

A    We will then set your domain for termination and have your site removed from our servers. Any property on the domain will be lost if not backed up. The domain will then become available for purchase by the first successful buyer.

Q    I want to transfer to another hosting provider? What do you need from me?

A    Ensure that you have a backup of your site, then contact your new hosting provider and have them setup the domain along with all the mailboxes for your domain. Then provide us with written notice detailing intentions and a reason. If there are no outstanding accounts, the transfer will be processed by us.

Once the domain has transferred successfully to your new hosting provider, we will no longer have copies of your previous mail or website.

Q    My domain (website and emails) are not working at all? What has happened?

A    In SA, most internet is reliant on Telkom SA, and it is our experience that most down time originates in full or part thereof due to their related services. Always check our client zone on our main website to see network notices before you panic. If there are no notices you feel are applicable, then feel free to contact us using the support phone line. Please also remember that services are suspended if there is an outstanding bill - in this case, you can again use the support line to investigate a resolution.

Q    I paid for the domain but my name is not on the service agreement? Am I the owner of the domain or content?

A    No, the person who signed the service agreement is the owner of the property.

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