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Kia ora, and welcome to a very important notice we have written for you! It is called the “Usage, Privacy Statement, and user Engagement Agreement” and it is between you and our business.

This Agreement is important and applicable if:

  • you are currently on our website
  • engaging with us at all via phone or online chat
  • engaging with us by other electronic methods
  • a client or supplier of ours.

Because we care about your data, information and overall experience we want to bring to your attention that conditions detailed below apply. If you object to any of these, unfortunately we need to stop all communication and services because regulations and law govern the way we operate and we too must (and want too) remain compliant.

If you feel satisfied once finished reading this, please continue to engage with us and know that if you do you are formally accepting this agreement and opting in to our conditions and terms.

Here we go!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Our business is aware of the regulations and guidelines as outlined in the links below and obligate ourselves to reasonable enforcement and compliance. If at any time you feel we could be doing something bettter please let us know on action@website-design.co.nz and allow us 5 working days for us to take appropriate action before you escalate the matter further.
  2. The types of services we offer and methods of operation are outlined on our websites, quote documents and Client Zone.
  3. Our business trading entity is WEBSITE DESIGN COMPANY LIMITED | Company Number 8736630 | NZBN: 9429051311391 and this is the legal entity you are in agreement with. Our phone numbers and more information can be found on our websites and if you need to know absolutely anything else, you need only ask via email: action@website-design.co.nz
  4. WEBSITE DESIGN COMPANY LIMITED has an exclusive joint venture supplier for all development, hosting and domain services with details: ‘websitedesign.co.za’ and ‘websitehosting.co.za’ and are divisions of SA Online (www.saonline.africa | Sole Proprietorship: JP Klein | Std 2, #12, 4th Avenue, Melville Johannesburg | SA VAT#: 4480238304. Your information and data is shared with SA Online (and their suppliers) and also very well cared for as per their own Usage and Policy: https://www.saonline.africa/use.html
  5. At no time is your data or information sold to any 3rd party nor used for any other purpose than to deliver on the services as outlined in our quotes, service agreements, websites and invoices.
  6. Your information and data is obtained via our websites, phones, emails, e-forms, websites, chatbots and e-shop.
  7. We use your data and information to conduct our business and deliver services, communicate and issue newsletters and when applicable Client and Supplier notices. Information is stored on our own systems and that of our suppliers. Reasonable measures are taken to protect this data but we will not accept liability or responsibility if we are subjected to e-crimes or unlawful access, and in the instance of such an incident will be reported to relevant authorities (law enforcement or regulators) to investigate and mitigate the crime.
  8. Every confirmed service will include its own service delivery terms and conditions specific to the project, and cover everything and anything to do with design, development, content, hosting and other related services. A copy of standard terms can be viewed on our Website in the Client Zone.
  9. Our office and that of our Suppliers and Venture Partner reserve the right to terminate any engagement, service or agreement should it be found that anyone or entity we are
  10. Should anyone terminate their engagement with our business, all related data and information can at their written request be ‘hard deleted’ from our systems and records with exception for formal documents we are required by law and regulation to retain for our own business compliance.
  11. This Agreement can be updated without further notice by our business and it is imperative that any person check for the latest version of this Agreement by visiting our website or asking for an update via email: action@website-design.co.nz
  12. Any questions or concerns can be directed to our office at action@website-design.co.nz